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Who Are We

Pinnacle Digital Solutions LTD (PDS) is a Canadian company offering customized solutions in Audio Visual, Communications, Physical Security and Control Systems, and Sub-contract services. We have manufacturer certified in-house installers and programmers, and a large network of local installers all across Canada

Services Available

Aver Video conferencing system

Audio Visual

Audio Visual technology is important for increasing revenue, and to reducing costs of conducting business. Audio and Video conferencing systems can help businesses communicate with clients and customers from all over the world, while digital signage and paging  systems can help businesses keep employees and customers informed. Pinnacle Digital Solutions offers Audio Visual (AV) equipment and support for businesses of all sizes. We offer Video presentation Systems, Sound Systems, Digital Signage & Way finding System, Audio & Video Conferencing, Collaborated Meeting Spaces.

DTEC Handsets


Communication keeps businesses running, maintains relationships with customers, employees, and partners. Communication breakdowns can lead to errors, missed business opportunities, and misunderstandings that can have a ripple effect throughout the company. Pinnacle Digital Solutions provides solutions to all your communication needs. We offer Nurse Call Systems, Phone Systems, and Paging Systems.

Cestron Access Control

Control Systems

Pinnacle Digital Solutions is the perfect choice for your access control needs. We offer a variety of services that are designed to keep your building secure. Our access control system is flexible and can be configured to suit your specific needs. We offer systems that include multi-factor authentication and two-factor authentication, which means you can make the necessary changes to keep your building as secure as possible. We also offer a variety of other security products that can be used in conjunction with our access control system, such as CCTV cameras and door entry systems. We offer Audio Visual Control Systems, Climate Control Systems, Lighting Control Systems, Shades or Blinds Control Systems.

LOREX Commercial Security Camera

Electronic Security System

If you’re looking for security, there’s no better solution than Pinnacle Digital Solutions. Our security systems are designed to detect, deter, delay, and deny intruders. PDS installs systems that give peace of mind knowing that we are safe and secure. Electronic security systems are especially important in today’s world where crime is on the rise. they deter criminals and help to keep us safe. We offer CCTV Systems, Access Control Systems, Alarm Systems, Audio/Video Door Intercom System, Video Analytics and Intelligence (VA, VI).

Process Breakdown


Pinnacle Digital Solutions understands your design needs. Your AV systems are designed to suit our unique needs and and requirements . Our design team’s job is to make your vision come true.


The quality of a product determines the success of your organization. Pinnacle Digital Solutions partners with manufactures to supply you and your organization with the best quality products while maintaining a strict budget.

Install & Configure

Pinnacle Digital Solutions thrives on providing great service to its customers. We rigorously test all technology and product before we install them at your site.  No team will leave before the client thoroughly inspect and tests the installation.


Our job doesn’t end at installation, we are here when your system needs any form of maintenance. Facing hurdles with your system software? Call Pinnacle Digital solutions, and continue on with your day worry-free!

Products For Industry-Specific Needs

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