Care About Resident Safety? Then A Man-Down System Is For You!

Man Falling Down With A Alert Highlighting His Fall
Man Falling Down With A Alert Highlighting His Fall

Keeping residents in hospices, palliative or long-term care facilities safe at all times is a huge responsibility, and even after Covid, care workers are stretched thin and exhausted, Truly, they were and are absolute champions during the pandemic, and without them, matters would have been infinitely worse.

Moving forward, these care facilities have to give their professionals the tools they need to do their jobs more efficiently, and that means doing a complete upgrade of how they care for their patents, and prevent them from having issues like falling, or signally alarms. Digital communication call systems effectively solve every issue with a custom tailored, bespoke system created by our team of professionals, that is flexible and scaled for your exact needs.

When you deploy a digital call system, it will cover all of your needs, and increase efficiency, which is critical when you have over worked health care professionals. They can be configured to handle everything, including nurse calling, emergency calls, messaging, alarms, wandering and fall prevention and resident check ins.

Additionally, creating a digital communication system in these environments greatly improves the quality of residents lives. When you are able to increase the efficiency of your staff, you are also able to allow residents to be as mobile, while still being able to summon help from anywhere inside or outside the building. For example, with a wearable fall prevention transmitter, a resident doesn’t need to have a staff member shadow them while they go for a walk. By simply pressing the button on their personal care call system transmitter, a resident can send nursing staff an alarm with the name and location of the resident if they fall down or leave the building.

Man With Man Down Sensor Clip
Man With Man Down Sensor Clip

Enhancing residents’ safety and optimizing staff workflows requires innovation and requires communication and collaborative solutions from healthcare professionals and digital communication providers like Pinnacle DSL. Hospices, palliative care and long-term health facilities require a unique set of solutions in order to provide a safe environment while preserving the dignity and privacy for residents and long-term care residents.

When Covid hit, businesses were forced to close their doors. Their employees retreated to the safety of their homes, and businesses reacted by deploying video conferencing systems like the ones we provide. These systems became a cornerstone of their businesses, and now that Covid is mostly a memory, businesses have embraced them as an integral part of how they communicate.

Now, more than ever in a post-pandemic world, health care facilities have a call to action, and must embrace digital communication within their facilities much the same way other businesses adapted to working from home. Facilities have to streamline how their staff works, and create an environment for their residents and is safer, and offers them a higher quality of life.

To learn more about our solutions, and how they can have an immediate positive impact on your care facility, please contact us at 905–2013–1941 or visit us at, and we would be happy to discuss solutions for you and your staff.

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