Why Your Warehouse Needs A CCTV System in Toronto!

CCTV systems in Toronto are an integral part of security systems in all businesses including Warehouses. CCTVs detect, deter and protect property from vandalism, theft and maintenance issues. Strategically placing CCTV systems in and around a warehouse not only protects it from outside intrusions, but also helps in protecting inventory and equipment inside the facility. It is easy to keep a check on inventory, pilferage and any issue that may occur while the facility is open as well as closed. Everything that happens on the business premises can be recorded, or even remotely accessed. This gives peace of mind to the business owner and allows the owner of the business to work from any location or multitask as the CCTV allows one to monitor and keep on check on what is happening at the premises.

LOREX camera capturing employee progress

Another important area where a CCTV is really important is keeping a check on employee productivity. It eliminates the need for physical presence or confrontation and allows for remote access and holds everyone accountable for their productivity. Efficiency can also be enhanced with the help of CCTV’s. When a business cycle is observed, one can easily identify the gaps that need to be filled in regards of improving the process needed, thus ensuring optimization in the use of resources which leads to higher productivity and profits. 

One can also save on Insurance Costs, with the use of CCTVs as they help in reviewing, and identifying how an accident occurs, making it easier for Insurance claims. When a theft occurs, it is also easy to identify the person reasonable, thus helping with investigation, that can lead to beneficial claims. Moreover, the recorded data can be used to take measures that will lead to prevention of the occurrence again. Modern CCTVs no longer need bulky DVRs to store data. Cloud based CCTVs are easier to install and maintain with no on-site servers or complex networking infrastructure. Cloud based CCTV systems are scalable according to client needs and cameras can add or removed as needed. Finally, cloud based CCTV systems offer the convenience of being able to view footage from multiple locations, receive alerts when motion is detected and can be integrated with multiple systems to create a SMART system, that may consist of access controls (to know who is coming/leaving the building), intrusion detection systems and Man down system.

CCTV and Access Control integration

Cloud based CCTV systems also offer free of cost or at low-cost video analytics and intelligence. Video analytics and intelligence is a process where the digital video signal uses a special algorithm to perform a secutity related function. The Artificial Intelligence observes the data for a few weeks to learn what is normal images and then starts issuing a warnings and alerts when the image deviated from what is normal. Thus, this helps in detecting even the smallest deviant in patterns, helping to prevent or identify the possibility of accident, thefts or failure of any systems. 

The benefits of CCTV systems in Toronto far outweigh the costs. To know more about how you can use CCTV systems to optimize your business, lower costs and be in control contact PINNACLE DIGITAL SOLUTIONS today for a free quote. Let us help you to create a customized solution to meet all your needs.