Top 10 Reasons Your Business Needs a Video Conferencing System!

When the pandemic happened, it was almost instantaneous. Looking back on it, it’s fair to say that most of us weren’t prepared for it. However, in many was it brought us together, and we did what humans do best, and quickly came up with solutions. Also in hindsight, we learned a lot about ourselves, and how we do business. It made us more efficient, and it changed the ways we do business, and run our lives. 

As workers went remote, businesses had to come up with a video conferencing plan, and in most cases, they were able to cobble together something fairly quickly that bridged the gap and got them through the difficult times. However, now that the pandemic is mostly a thing of the past, businesses now have the opportunity to use the knowledge they gained, and really embrace video conferencing as a pillar of their business. 


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If you aren’t familiar with video conferencing, you should be. Basically, video conferencing is a real-time online meeting via internet connection on a laptop, mobile device or webcam. This allows you the ability to speak to one or more participants, and have a direct conversation with them, as if you were in the same room. There are many benefits for video conferencing, and here are our top 10 reasons:

1 It’s Efficient

Simply put, video conferencing allows real-time conversations and collaboration that simply isn’t possible with email or text. Additionally, it allows you the ability to have a face to face conversation, anywhere on earth, at any time. 

2 Better Productivity

When you collaborate in a video conference, you assemble your team, and have a free form conversation where feedback and questions are answered immediately. There is no endless email or text chain, where messages can be missed or lost, and everything is settled in the meeting.

3 It Saves Money

It’s as simple as that. No more travel, airfare, booking conference rooms or training rooms, meetings, hotels and the list goes on. You can have your face-to-face full experience anywhere on earth, in real-time and never have to spend a penny. 

4 Better Communication

Humans bond with each other via communication. We build trusting relationships when we have face-to-face communication that simply cannot be replicated with text or emails. 

5 Relationships

Face-to-face communication builds relationships, and relationships are the cornerstone of any business. When you can look a person in the eye, in real-time, you get to know that person and your relationship grows. You also tend to have spin-off conversations where you to learn more about a person than you would with basic text and emails. 

6 Collaboration

If you are working on a document or files, your team can share screens and have and real-time document editing, which is impossible via email or even in an office setting with multiple departments. 

7 Managing Schedules

If you have team members from different countries, or have to travel, scheduling meetings can be a challenge. You have to juggle so many schedules, it is almost impossible. However, with video conferencing, every person can simply jump on, at an agreed time. 

8 Keep Records

When you have a conference call, the conversation is gone, forever, when you hang up. However, with video conferencing, you can record and even transcribe the conversation, so it is never lost, and you will always have an accurate record.


9 Have Live Events

You can have live events such as training seminars, team building exercises or real-time events for your clients or suppliers. 

10 It Saves Time

When you are able to have a real-time conversation, it saves you time. It’s as simple as that, and here’s a perfect example. This article too hours to write. However, it would have been a 5-minute conversation to explain these benefits on a video conference call. 

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